You know how most get-your-ex-back advice seems like just common sense general tips anyone can find from the internet? Well, what I do is help guys get straightforward, detailed advice about their breakup by making sure if they send me a question, they hear back from me within 48 hours. In fact, just recently a student of mine emailed me about a confusing text his ex sent. He got an answer, made just for him, in hours.

Can’t get her out your head? Why continue the shitty feeling when your love is on the line? Just one wrong move and you could lose the one, your best friend — forever.

Get back what you used to have and join my easy to follow, proven email program today.

Here’s what you get:

UNLIMITED monthly email coaching that you can start using instantly. Email me any question about your story or relationship and I’ll always reply within 48 hours, but usually I’m much faster.

  • Got a weird text and you aren’t sure how to reply? Email me.
  • Feel nervous and need a second opinion? I’m there.
  • Need to share your complicated story and see what your next move is? Ping me.

The options are endless and best of all, it’s tailored for you.

This isn’t just about getting your ex back though, it’s about making you think, improving yourself, and becoming a better person and I’ll challenge you the whole way through. This is when growth happens.

With Email Coaching you also get access to:

  • How the strategies work with easy-to-follow methods
  • How my personal story and experiences helped me
  • How the advice works and the evidence behind them
  • How the psyche of humans and our behavior come into play
  • How you are supposed to approach the next move with an ultra detailed game plan

Here’s how it works:

Once you enroll, you will be emailed a quick questionnaire (takes 2 min) that helps me get an idea of what’s going on. Once I receive it, just hang tight and you will hear from me soon.

For as low as just $6.63/day you can get practical and detailed advice for you.

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I guarantee to provide classified advice that will make you feel better, without just telling you to use No Contact OR THAT you need to let your ex come to you, while giving you the best chance at getting your ex back. If you aren’t absolutely delighted with the service provided, we insist that you tell us and we’ll refund double your money back.

“He tells you some pretty straight forward tips in the beginning that makes you think. Also this program is more about you then your ex. I’m not all the way finished with the program but so far I feel better about myself and chances of putting the ball back in my court.” —Justin“Finally a non manipulative course that is there for you whenever you need. It gets you through the agony, and puts you in the driver’s seat for once – in a way that is right for you. Very grateful. Get it!” —Dawn
“I started out being skeptical with the content of the reading part of the app. I emailed Payam and he responded quickly and encouraged me to use the videos and email coaching. My reaction became much more positive! The videos have great content and the email coaching is awesome. Payam responds quickly and takes it seriously. He has really helped me in an incredibly difficult time!” —Seth

I want you to join. I want you to be under my protection. I want you to know that I fully guarantee this service.