Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • “I feel like nothing matters.”
  • “I am afraid of losing her forever.”
  • “Everything I look at reminds me of her.”

Yup, I used to be in your shoes. I wanted my ex back and like an idiot, I did everything wrong…until I changed one thing.

Once I figured it out (there’s no magic formula), I got her back. Word got around about what had happened and I went on to help my close friends with their relationships.

Eventually, I went on to teach this stuff and created the most popular get-your-ex-back app on the market.


See, it’s much easier for me to update content on the web than deploy a new version of the app every time I want to drop a story or share one of my funny jokes (c’mon you know I’m hilarious). So while this blog is new, my advice has been downloaded over 40,531 times and I’ve been recognized for teaching successful men this stuff for more than a half decade.

Number of downloads

[Warning]: My advice isn’t for everyone.

It’s for men that care about their self-improvement. They know their worth and are “successful” in the eyes of others. They want what they used to have, but also don’t want to give up their dignity and self-respect just to get her back.

If that sounds like you, let me help you cure that empty feeling you have.


payam [at] getyourexback [dot] co